Foreign Organic Food Certification

The main importing countries are France, Germany, Italy, Belgium . Besides,all products have the foreign organic food certification.

Baby &Mom produts

The products are mainly for infants and young children. And the commodity manufacturers are the most professional suppliers in the field

health ®imen

France is the main import country, and the products focus on disease prevention and health promotion.

Green and Organic Products

We have a gene of France,we are in hangzhou,and also in Europe. We are only responsible for searching the health,green,natural high quality products in Europe. Absolutely imported with original packaging,taking them back to you!We want to share with you,not only the healthy products but also the concept of healthy living!

Green and Organic Products

In order to live a healthier and better life, we traveled every corner of the world and payed attention to the details of life to looking for pure natural green products!

Carefully baked, sweet and delicious, thin and crisp,

sweet but not greasy

Italian tiramisu cake

It's made from low-fat milk and high-quality cocoa. The delicious snacks,

Chocolate Waffle Cookies

The cookies produced in Italy, all using fresh ingredients, non-hydrogenated fat and non- preservatives added. So the product tastes sweet but not greasy